What Do Polar Bears Dream While They’re Dying?

Film Synopsis–

Bearing witness to a land besieged by global economic pressure, filmmaker Arthur C. Smith III decries the fate shared by polar bears and people alike.

The Arctic has thrived for millennia.  It is now under assault. 

Toxic drift is compounded by an aggressive agenda to industrialize the region. 

Environmental poisoning and the loss of habitat, health, and home unjustly deny life its future. 

Amidst this epic struggle emerges the fateful realization:  What if we all are the polar bear?

In a changing climate, the Arctic’s greatest threat– and the greatest threat to humanity– is not melting ice; it is greed.

A documentary from the northern front line, WHAT DO POLAR BEARS DREAM WHILE THEY’RE DYING? follows Smith’s award-winning ICE BEARS OF THE BEAUFORT.

Shot on RED in Alaska, with music by Moby.

Review by John Columbus, Director, Black Maria Film + Video Festival

“...an environmental scream, a documentary about the greatest threat to the polar bear, the poisoning of the arctic habitat by toxic chemicals that are concentrated in the carnivore’s body. Humans as well as polar bears are at the top of the food chain and therefore the recipient of higher doses of poisons. This activist film informs and engages the viewer with magnificent shots of one of nature’s most beautiful and environmentally sensitive creatures. Incisive explanatory text complements the extraordinary cinematography.”http://www.blackmariafilmfestival.org/http://www.blackmariafilmfestival.org/shapeimage_5_link_0